bdchecks is an infrastructure for performing, filtering and managing various biodiversity data checks using R. Data checks are a key to promoting biodiversity data quality.

bdchecks offers various features for different types of R users:

  • An interactive and user-friendly Shiny app for inexperienced R users.

  • Full command line functionality for more experienced R users.

  • Advanced R users can easily edit, add and manage their own collection of data checks, using one single YAML file and only two supporting R functions.

  • Our first mission is to successfully implement all core suite of tests and assertions being developed by TDWG’s Biodiversity Data Quality ‘Task Group 2: Data Quality Tests and Assertions’. bdchecks core is designed to match the test structure, and we also developing and maintaining a synchronization system.

  • Our second mission is developing a complete and easy app reproducibility, we’re on the right track, and we’ll have it soon.

  • We’ve implemented an automated testings scheme that continually checks each test with numerous scenarios and reports any unexpected results. We designed it to be extremely easy and intuitive to add scenarios.

  • We’ve developed a prototype for a management Shiny app that allows easy editing and maintenance of all checks.

  • We’re exploring different types of data checks, such as value-dependent checks (implementation is very soon), and even how to facilitate checks from external R packages.