bdDwC is an R package that provides an interactive Shiny app and a set of functions for standardizing field names in compliance with the Darwin Core (DwC) format. Running bdDwC enables you to carefully standardize all field names in your dataset – which allows the bdverse to handle data from various biodiversity data aggregators seamlessly, and lets you enjoy all of its features, regardless of aggregators’ variation in field names.

The development of bdDwC was inspired by the Kurator project ‘Darwinizer tool’. bdDwC utilizes Darwin Cloud dictionary (Wieczorek et al. 2017), which is a lookup table that accumulates different variations in DwC field names, maintained by the Kurator team. We developt a feature that allows adding your own dictionary either via the bddwc Shiny app or by creating a simple CSV file with two columns, one for the Field Names and one for the Standard Names.